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Developing our reseller network is a strategic step towards increasing our presence in foreign countries and furthering our international development. On this basis, Articque created a stimulating program meant for qualified and involved partners.

We are very proud of our resellers, who are selected based on their expertise in their field to help us conquer new foreign markets. Being cartography experts, we know how important knowing your territory is. And since our resellers are the best experts on their geographical area, they are able to provide the best quality of local services.

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Meet our resellers :



C-Consult advice specializes in the development, distribution and promotion of software designed for the medical sector. The company pays close attention to the evolution of hospital environment and is constantly adapting its products to answer its customers’ new expectations. C-Consult advice also handles the maintenance and support for its software. It is also an expert in creating BI tools using the business discovery platform QlikView.



DataGis is a German service provider for information processing and digital cartography.
The company has many years of experience in application development for geographic information systems (GIS) and offers individual solutions for the analysis of data with geographical means.
Specialists in geomarketing, geo-consulting and multimedia work in the company.
Program developments for Internet and Intranet complete the offer.
DataGis supports you with all questions about GIS and databases and not only offers out-of-the-box solutions, but also individual customized software solutions designed to meet your requirements and needs.

INFORM specializes in Advanced Optimization Software to improve planning and operational decision making. Integrating with almost every existing IT landscape, these systems render a wide range of business processes more productive, robust, and reliable.

In order to ensure the sustainability of your company’s success, it is crucial to precisely know the influencing factors and KPIs. Professional controlling can be a decisive steering tool based on an analysis of lead times, backlogs, flow rates, degree of processing, and bottlenecks. Today, more than 550 business analysts and software engineers, originating from more than 30 nations, provide systems to more than 1,000 customers, worldwide. Solution deployment is turn-key, including individual customization, on-site consulting, go-live assistance, and perpetual 24/7 support.


Founded in 2005, Prime is a member of the Esqogito network and helps companies make Data-Driven decisions. Its teams are Information System professionals with a passion for Data Analysis. They deliver Business intelligence to companies of all dimensions, from SME to multinational companies. Prime works in a wide range of business areas together with its customers, as partners.


Districon thinks and works globally, in close cooperation with medium and large organizations, developing new logistics strategies and creating logistic solutions. The company is the leading and largest such logistics specialty firm in the Netherlands. It is one of the largest specialized provider of consultancy, IT solutions, and key personnel, such as interim managers, project managers and specialists. The company’s strength is to streamline, to accelerate and to enrich processes. In short, it optimizes the flow of goods, from producer to consumer, or reversed, from consumer back to the source. Districon combines innovation with craftsmanship and an in-depth knowledge of logistic processes and sectors, from air cargo to wholesale, from transport to retail.

United Kingdom

CACI Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of CACI International Inc., a publicly listed company on New York Stock Exchange. Founded in 1975, CACI operates from 10 offices in the UK. CACI employs about 1000 employees in the UK and 15 000 worldwide. About 50 persons work in relation to the Business Unit BI & Data Warehouse for customers in the UK and in Europe. The Information & Management Solutions (IMS) division provides a range of software, consultancy and managed services to SME and large enterprise clients from across the public and private sector. The Marketing Solutions Division (MSD) provides data, software and consulting services.



Boon solutions offers a range of enterprise class, business intelligence solutions. The company’s professional consulting and support team has extensive background in business analytics and ERP systems across different industries. Boon solutions delivers bespoke solutions that provide tangible business value to their customers. The company is Perth-based.


Agnie Consulting, headquartered in Japan, provides a wide range of services, from business consulting to the implementation of systems and operations support. Its branch office in India has a strong regional presence in the area, especially in automotive and high tech. Its consultants consist of experts with both business and system point of view, and many of them are bilingual in English and Japanese.

As a Qlik solution provider, Agnie Consulting has a Qlik specialist team. The company proposes the best solutions to multiple business needs and enhances the outcome of its customers’ business.

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong & Indonesia

KMS is one of Asia’s leading implementation specialists for Business Intelligence and Big Data solutions. KMS has worked with over 500 customers and more than 10,000 end users across 20 countries. With headquarters in Singapore, we bring exceptional regional knowledge to client engagements, with regional offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong.


South Africa

NETSURIT, founded in 2000, provides proactive IT support, strategy, systems design and ongoing support to streamline business operations, increase productivity and boost profitability. Netsurit, with 350 employees, has a strongly growing BI and Analytics division. The market focus of the BI division is on corporate clients, especially in Retail and Banking, in South Africa and since recently in new expanding US market.

North America


Since 1996, Keyrus Group specialists have been assisting companies in the implementation of business solutions for Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Keyrus can help drive your company’s performance by properly addressing your business needs. Keyrus Canada, the North American division of Keyrus Group, has a complete team of expert consultants that can guide your company not only from a technological stand point, but also a functional one — Sales, Marketing, Finance etc., while utilizing a strong industry knowledge — Banking and Insurance, Retail, Media, Pharmaceutical, Government, etc. With over 100 consultants in Canada — Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto, Keyrus Canada is recognized as a market leader in its industry. Keyrus Canada’s customers can benefit from a local expertise while also having access to the international know-how of the Group.

South America


Synergy BI, an Qlikview Solution Provider, focuses exclusively on QlikView consulting and implementation services. Its team specializes in building QlikView and QlikSense applications of great value to business users that produce tangible results quickly. The company’s consultants combine years of business experience with technical excellence in the QlikView platform. They have experience with numerous ERP and in multiple industries: Retail, Food Service, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Logistics and Distribution and Professional Services. The company’s office is in South of Brazil, but it serves clients throughout Brazil.

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