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While we could talk for hours about all the advantages of our solutions, it’s still our customers who speak about them best. Every customer is unique, but surely you’ll find here some inspiring cases close to your needs. Explore these customers stories by activity or business field.

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We're using C&D Online to monitor the profitability of our agencies. It allows us to immediately visualize their performance and to implement the most adapted action plans to challenge our local network. Visually representing our KPIs on a map is also a very powerful tool for our communication.

Jaoued Ermiki
Jaoued Ermiki Senior Statistics Experts at MMA Insurance

C&D Online allowed us to accomplish in-depth market studies and to reveal difficult-to-find market insights: for example, matching the geographical distribution of specific population segments across countries with altitude. It allowed us to adapt cars to market specificites and thus enhance consumer satisfaction.

Benoît Brion
Benoît Brion Engineer, Renault Group

Articque MAP gives us an immediate & interactive view of our sites and key indicators on different levels (Global, local, per site…). This is a huge progress for our way of working and makes our decision-making process faster and better targeted. The comfort and efficiency in the way it highlights relevant indicators is indeniable. It would be really difficult for our teams to go back to our past way of working. That's the reason why we've decided to also deploy it in Spain and Italy.

François Ressicaud
François Ressicaud Chief Information Officer

We’ve been using Articque MAP in our HR department to visualize our personnel’s position/situation by area, by age, expertise or gender on an interactive map. Combining the power of QlikView with the drill-down function results in a really efficient analysis of job indicators. Our technical department uses it to analyse and benchmark our properties, thus highlighting precious information that would not stand out in a spreadsheet. It also helps newly-hired collaborators when they take up their position: they don’t need to go on site to get the full picture on a property, its road access, or geographical orientation. It’s also an invaluable and fast help for their skill improvement. It would be really difficult for our teams to go back to our past way of working. That's the reason why we've decided to also deploy the solution in Spain and Italy.

François Ressicaud
François Ressicaud Chief Information Officer

With C&D Online, all strategic information is represented on the maps. As we visualize all the destinations of our products, we can make calculations and scenarii of flows to know the best strategy to adopt and define catchment areas. This software is a strategic decision-making tool which I definitely recommend to any professional.

Dominique Billon
Dominique Billon Materials & Industries Director

Having tested all the existing mapping solutions for QlikView, we chose Articque MAP for being performant as well as lightweighted. Our appreciation? 94 % satisfaction among our Articque MAP HR webapp users.

Hervé Genty
Hervé Genty Digital projects leader

In a highly concurrential market context, it is extremely important that every head of vehicle inspection station is provided with the right tools allowing them to identify business opportunities in their catchment area. Our dedicated webapplication, co-developed with mapping specialist and software editor Articque, empowers store managers to analyse their sales area and pilot precisely targeted marketing actions.

Eric Sarfati
Eric Sarfati President & Business Manager of Automotive Department at SGS

As clients of Articque, we have been using the C&D Online statistical mapping tool for over 2 years now. It allowed us to create more efficient geo-marketing studies by geo-localizing our agencies, cash dispenser machines (ATM), clients, calculating isochrones and driving distances. We gained precious time by producing automatized & recurrent mapping studies allowing us to quickly view evolutions or to do adhoc analyses using various filters. We also know that we can always count on the reactivity and professionalism of Articque’s after sales services – as we’ve been doing it for the past 2 years.

Mickael SANTOS
Mickael SANTOS Geomarketing and Pricing Analyst User Experience and Digital Transformation Manager

We’ve been using C&D Online to communicate both externally and internally on our sales force organization. Their highly-detailed spatial data empower us to create a very precise segmentation. We also use it for impact studies simulations and forecasting. Our operational teams use it mostly for viewing projections/simulations on potential consumption, from the national level to an extremely detailed territory level, and to optimize future site locations.

Franck Dupin
Franck Dupin Data & Content manager

It's such a user-friendly solution. I used C&D for the 1st time a year ago and I'm totally satisfied with it for numerous reasons. Its flexibility allows me to refine my analyses at will and to quickly test several representations to find the most relevant one.

Caroline Finel
Caroline Finel Mail and Human Resources Department