Human resources: monitor your turnover and absenteeism indicators throughout Europe and design effective action plans.

Human resources have a lot of factors to take into account and require a clear and synthetic vision of their environment. With this atlas, an HR department can monitor the key indicators of the company’s activity: evolution of payroll, employees’ age and seniority, turnover per establishment and department, absenteeism, sick leaves, transfer requests, training demand, retirements…

Let’s take the example of the HR manager of a large industrial group with establishments all across Europe. By connecting to the atlas, the human resources manager displays the location of his establishments, as well as the turnover rate. He can see at a glance that the turnover rate is very high in Spain.

By zooming in on Spain, the human resources manager views the number of departures and arrivals per establishment, as well as the number of transfers between establishments.

He notices that the Madrid establishment has a very high turnover rate and that a wave of transfers to other establishments is taking place.

The human resources manager clicks on the Madrid establishment and views the key indicators of HR activity for each building and department.
He notices that the problem originates in the main warehouse, where the logistics department is subjected to a high rate of absenteeism and to a large number of sick leaves of more than 1 month.

The human resources manager displays the company’s organization chart and contacts the establishment’s HR manager in order to bring the problem to his attention so as to implement an action plan for the logistics department.