socio-demographic indicators for your database



The online GeoService that allows you to extract data from 2,000 socio-demographic indicators.

Socio-demographic data is essential to segmenting your market and knowing the population of your area.
Adding this data to your geomarketing studies allows you to improve your knowledge of your customers and to lead more effective targeted marketing and commercial actions.

With the Socio-demographic database GeoService, you can access 2,000 indicators, which cover the following themes and sub-themes:

  • Population : births, population structure, households.
  • Businesses: characteristics and demographics of companies.
  • Employment: jobs characteristics, labor force.
  • Territories: regions, provinces and cities of France
  • Trade: retail.
  • Living conditions, society: housing, vacations and leisure activities.
  • Education: diplomas, students, institutions and teachers.
  • Health: health facilities and personnel.
  • Services, tourism and transportation: services to individuals, tourism.
  • Income, wages: wages and earned income, standard of living, property, poverty.

The available indicators cover the French territory. You can refine your search by year, by district (France, region, department) or choose a geographical division (municipality, IRIS).

Don’t waste any more time researching and preparing your data: with our web interface, you can select and export your indicators in Excel format (.xls) in just 3 steps. Your files are then stored online and accessible at any time (10 files maximum).

The advantages of our Socio-demographic database GeoService:

Efficient: Don’t waste any more time searching for your data and preparing it thanks to Articque’s Socio-demographic database. Our tool gives you access to 2,000 indicators from a single interface.

Powerful: The interface allows you to quickly select the indicators you need. The extraction process only takes a few seconds.

Intuitive: The platform is very easy to use and guides you step by step to create your file. Select all your indicators and export your data files in Excel format (.xls) in one click. Your files are stored on the Cloud and remain accessible at all times.

How does the Socio-demographic database work?

Step 1: From your web browser, log in to the Socio-demographic database.

Step 2: Fill in the selected criteria (themes, years, geographical territories …).

Step 3: Select the socio-demographic indicators you want to obtain.

Step 4: View your selection and export your indicators in Excel format.

Step 5: Download your Excel file from your history.

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