Guided analysis and self-service

Mapping Intelligence

with Location Apps

Empower your organization

Every day, your associates make decisions for the good of your business.
Give them the right tools to help your company prosper !

With the C&D Wizard tools, effortlessly create business applications to allow your teams to be independent in their production of studies, reports and maps.

Empower other members of your company to think, decide and act thanks to guided, personalized geo-decision solutions.

Wizard tools for every profession:

Create as many applications as you want to monitor activities, reduce costs, discover new opportunities…

Sales monitoring

  • Locate customers, prospects and institutions
  • Analyze performance by agencies and districts
  • Identify new potentials
  • Simulate new locations
  • Optimize your network


  • Manage your marketing campaigns
  • Locate your target market
  • Study catchment areas
  • Evaluate the competition in a given area
  • Adapt your products and services according to demand

Logistics and transportation

  • Optimize transport between production sites and sales points
  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Analyze the access to your sites
  • Reduce response times
  • Represent merchandise flows

The advantages for
the Wizard tool designers

Share your knowledge: use existing analysis templates and effortlessly transform them into business-friendly applications.

Let your creativity flow: choose the elements that can be modified by users and guide them by describing each step of the way.

No technical skills required: design your wizards without writing a single line of code or asking your IT department to intervene.

The advantages for
the Wizard tool users

Self-service portal: enjoy a direct access to the business applications designed for you from a secure and easy-to-use online portal.

Become the creator of your analyses: perform simulations and report on your own studies, effortlessly and in an instant.

Be guided along the way: follow the steps of the Wizard tool to generate reports, analyses and statistical maps adapted to your needs in just a few clicks.

Discover how to create a location simulation Wizard

See how an Explorer can use the Wizard independently

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