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The French Blood Establishment (EFS) uses C&D to optimize blood collection and increase its efficiency

Optimizing collection points

Adapting the collection strategy depending on areas

Guaranteeing self-sufficiency

The French Blood Establishment (EFS) is the single active civil operator of blood transfusion on the French territory

Its mission is to ensure national self-sufficiency in labile products in optimum conditions of security and quality. It employs 9,800 people in 13 regional establishments and provides more than 1,500 health facilities with blood.

The French Blood Establishment has 128 collection sites and organizes more than 40,000 mobile blood collections a year. In order to maintain a sufficient level of donation, mobile collections must be organized as closely as possible to where donors live, while being as efficient as possible.

The French Blood Establishment has been using C&D for ten years to evaluate the potential of donation depending on municipalities and mobilize its teams in the right place at the right time in order to draw as many donors as possible.

Philippe Halbout, Site manager and Mission head at the EFS presents several successful projects carried out thanks to statistical mapping and to C&D.