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DOXA SAS uses C&D to create a balanced districting which takes into account the specificities of the pharmaceutical industry

Create a balanced and fair districting for your sales team

Take into account the constraints related to the pharmaceutical industry

Target the places where it is necessary to hire sales representatives.

Serge Andrieu, CEO of DOXA SAS and sociologist and statistician by training, specialized in BtoB and BtoC market studies. Nowadays, he works exlusively for the pharmaceutical industry. In 2011, he created DOXA SAS to support pharmaceutical companies and help them adapt to market changes by making the right arbitrations. The purpose was to create tools to help those companies monitor the market and its evolutions.

Serge Andrieu explains the specific needs that caused him to turn to location intelligence : managing the redefinition of the districts of sales representatives of a pharmaceutical company after a new product arrived on the market.