Kubota uses C&D to analyze market penetration

The Tractor Business Unit of Kubota Holding Europe chose C&D Online to map their coverage and market potential and analyze market penetration

Representing network and coverage

Analyzing market potential and market penetration

Communicating with internal and external players

Kubota recently decided to standardize the mapping tool used by the Business Development departments of various countries and use one unique solution for the whole group. They had already been using C&D in France since 2008 in the Development Department of the Tractor Business unit; but the group used different mapping solutions depending on countries. The chosen tool had to be intuitive and available in English to be used in several European countries: in the end, Kubota chose C&D, the location intelligence software developed by Articque.

joao oliveira - kubota

João Oliveira, Dealer Development Manager for the European Tractor Business Unit of Kubota, spearheaded the collaboration project between Kubota and Articque. He agreed to answer a few questions about the project.

What were the deciding factors in the choice of C&D for Kubota?

“The decision to choose C&D was the result of a sum of factors. Firstly, we really did value the fact that the software was being developed internally, which we believe guarantees a better support service and possible adaptation for the Kubota needs.
The previous experience with a license in France was also relevant: we received good feedback from the user.
Finally, the effort done by the commercial department to adjust the final offer to our needs showed a joint commitment for a long-term collaboration rather than a short and quick business model.”

What kind of analyses does Kubota carry out with C&D?

“The main use of the software is to map the Kubota dealer network coverage, market potential and analyze market penetration.”

What does the software allow you to do that you could not do before?

“With C&D Online, we are able to prepare detailed market analyses and easily share it with the field teams. This allows for a proper business discussion, both internally and with our dealers.”

How would you describe the software?

“C&D provides plenty of options, is quite intuitive and user-friendly and can be managed on different levels depending on the user’s expertise.”

What concrete advantages do you derive from the use of the software?

“The solution allows for a more professional and fact-based analysis. We are also happy with how it enables discussions among the Kubota teams, and with the possibility to share dynamic pdf files, which can also be used by colleagues who do not have access to a software license.”

What did you think of the training you received?

“The quality of the training was very good and a deep knowledge of the tool could be observed from both of the trainers. For sure, additional training will be needed as the software evolves and to further explore all software capacities, and we do have that in mind and forecasted.”