Carrefour Property uses Articque MAP to display key indicators on its sites and make better decisions

Get an interactive view of sites and performances

Reveal information hidden in data tables

Help employees take up a new position.

Carrefour Property is Carrefour’s real estate subsidiary. It owns the premises of Carrefour’s supermarkets and hypermarkets. The company has 350 employees and 1,300 sites with a total of 7 million of square meters.

Articque MAP gives us an immediate & interactive view of our sites and key indicators on different levels (Global, local, per site…). This is a huge progress for our way of working and makes our decision-making process faster and better targeted. The comfort and efficiency in the way it highlights relevant indicators is undeniable.

We’ve been using Articque MAP in our HR department to visualize our personnel’s position/situation by area, by age, expertise or gender on an interactive map. Combining the power of QlikView with the drill-down function results in a really efficient analysis of job indicators. Our technical department uses it to analyze and benchmark our properties, thus highlighting precious information that would not stand out in a spreadsheet. It also helps newly-hired collaborators when they take up their position : they don’t need to go on site to get the full picture on a property, its road access or geographical orientation. It’s also an invaluable and fast help for their skill improvement.

It would be really difficult for our teams to go back to our past way of working. That’s the reason why we’ve decided to also deploy the solution in Spain and Italy.”

Jérôme GUYOT
François Ressicaud
Chief Information Officer