Kubota analyzes market penetration with location intelligence

Kubota Europe uses C&D to map & analyze market penetration

The Tractor Business Unit of Kubota Holding Europe maps its coverage & market potential and analyzes market penetration with Articque’s location intelligence solution.

Banking: the Crédit Agricole Centre France uses C&D to gain market shares

We switched to C&D three years ago: at the time, we needed a powerful geocoding tool to locate our network and clients ourselves.

Colas uses Articque solutions

Colas uses Articque solutions to visualize its geographic locations in a dynamic way

Thanks to Articque solutions, Colas is able to geolocate its sites and its competitors, and to optimize transport costs to be more competitive.

The French Blood Establishment (EFS) uses C&D to optimize blood collection

The French Blood Establishment maps its donors in order to plan its collections in the right places for the sake of efficiency and performance.

DOXA SAS uses C&D to create balanced districtings for the pharmaceutical industry

CEO Serge Andrieu explains how he uses C&D to define balanced districts while taking into account the constraints of the pharmaceutical industry.

The URPS AuRA maps the medical demography of its territories with C&D

The Regional Union for Private Practitioners Health Professionals in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region analyzes medical demography with interactive maps to help young doctors find out where to settle their practice.

The SNCF group bolsters its Business Intelligence tools with maps

The French National Railway Company adds maps in its Business Intelligence tool in order to locate its agents and send them to the right place efficiently and proactively.